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See comment below from a new Trading Nut Trader Vishal Nathu, who joined us (Tribe Of Traders) a few days ago
This webinar is perfect for anyone looking to increase their success rate in Trading! - Cam Hawkins , Trading Nut
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What You Will Learn From This Presentation:
Lesson #1: 
How to Apply the Genius Trading Model to your Trading Today!
Lesson #2: 
How to trade POGO & BUGSY to SAVE YOU TIME and TAKE STRESS out of your trading!
Lesson #3: 
Ask me anything - any questions from our last webinar!
And How To Apply The ....
A paint by numbers strategy to trading. Complexity is the Killer to successful trading and will never give you the results you crave. Discover on 16th May how you can use my paint by numbers process using the proven techniques I use for myself and hundreds of other traders. 

Being an OK or Failing trader often boils down to a few things, one being lack of confidence another being overwhelm. We make poor decisions when we are in this space.

I have meticulously created a model that eliminates these which when you adopt and apply will give you the freedom you seek.
About the Speakers
Cam Hawkins
Trading Nut

Cam Hawkins is the host of popular trading podcast Trading Nut and previously 52 Traders. 

He's also been featured on other popular podcasts such as Trader Radio.

Cam started interviewing professional Forex, stocks, Futures and Cryptocurrency traders in February 2015 and has amassed a huge catalog of over 150 trader interviews in that time.

Cam is also an expert at building trading robots without coding and has taught 100's of traders around the world how to turn their trading strategies into fully automated algorithms.
Judy van Niekerk
Tribe of Traders 
Judy van Niekerk is cofounder of the Tribe of traders, where she trains traders to be profitable, through her own unique approach to trading - GENIUS TRADING MODEL, because the majority of traders lose their accounts in 90 days and those that don’t spend years going no where.
Through her approach not only does she make traders profitable but gives them their time back and takes the stress out of trading in the process. Judy has inspired and trained hundreds of traders globally to transform their trading and are now on a journey of achieving their freedom goals.

Judy started trading over 20 years ago and then embarked on a career as an entrepreneur establishing a wide range and variety of businesses across the world. She went back into full time trading a number of years ago, only to discover that whilst trading had moved on - the training was not structured to set traders up for success. After succumbing to the pitfalls that modern training creates in trading and becoming emotionally wrecked - she drew on her entrepreneurial experiences to put her back on the right track and today is considered a Super Trader. 
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